Why Exams Aren’t Fair

A two or three hour memory test is not evidence of learning.

I am lucky because I did pretty well in my terminal exams (deliberate use of that word). But I know that many people don’t, and the results are skewed in favour of those from fee-paying schools.

It’s a flawed technical process.

The process is crazy.

Handwriting to be scanned in and marked electronically doesn’t work.

And the evidence is there that handwriting affects exam performance. How crazy that when we have alternative methods of communication, students lose out on gaining credit for their complex understanding of Kantian philosophy & metaphysics because their fine-motor skills are less developed!

An exam marker doesn’t know your learners.

There were flaws in the Teacher Assessed Grades systems of 2020 & 2021, that is for sure (but I personally believe the mutant algorithm was a red herring to maintain the examination system post-COVID).



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