These fundamentals of stand up comedy will redefine how you teach.

The two years I spent on the comedy circuit was hard work but a lot of fun. I learned three fundamentals of comedy that formed my approach to education.

Let’s dive in.

Fundamental #1: Jokes need their audience to take agency

Enabling a learner to be responsible to take their own leap in learning can transform their life. Telling a learner information might help impart knowledge for an exam, but it won’t be meaningful. It won’t grow them as a learner and they’ll likely forget it.

Fundamental #2: Economy of words

Meaningful learning happens when the teacher gets out of the way. Learners will thank you for your economy of words. The sooner you say what you need to say the sooner they can engage in the process. Too much teacher talk will likely disengage the learner. Hand responsibility for learning over to them.

Fundamental #3: Finding your voice

Outstanding comedians communicate their character immediately. They usually get a laugh before they’ve told a joke. Understanding a person and their motivation is the foundation of trust. Laughter is more abundant when the audience trusts the comedian is funny. In the same way a person will learn more from a teacher they trust. A good teacher has found their voice, their learners understand them and they trust them. Trust enables the learner freedom to fail, to be themselves and to celebrate success.

I hope these three fundamentals of stand up comedy can redefine who you are as an educator.

Oh and one last thing to learn from stand up comedy, make it enjoyable for them!

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