The Essence of an Edufuturist

2 min readMay 10, 2022

We get lots of people asking us what we’re about: this essay is our way of trying to explain it.

It’s hard to summarise what we do in 5 main points but we’ll try.

Now, let’s dive in.

#1: Positive Disruption

Both words matter — it’s not just accepting the status quo — it’s disruptive; not just disruption for the sake of it — it’s intended for good.

Netflix, Uber, Bitcoin, Waze, Amazon, Tesla — they all changed their sectors irrevocably. We think that education needs disrupting positively.

#2: Deliberate Innovation

It matters that we have good intentions and then come up with good ideas.

Solar power, electric cars, oatmilk, NFTs — they all revolutionised existing practices in a way that made a difference. We think that we must check intentions in education and then innovate.

#3: Curious Curation

It matters that we stay hungry, stay foolish but there’s also nothing new under the sun.

Finding ways to gather ideas and then share them (giving appropriate credit too — this is key) is what we do. We think that we are better when we share.

#4: Cultural Transformation

Again, both words matter — common vision, shared values, agreed norms, accepted behaviours all need a radical approach.

Brené Brown said, “Everyone wants transformation but no-one wants to change.” Education culture can be toxic and overbearing. We think the system needs an overhaul.

#5: Diverse Inclusion

It matters that everyone matters, but not with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Race, gender, sexuality, ability, access to technology — we must ensure that diversity is celebrated and that there is a space for genuine inclusion. That’s not making everyone the same. We think that education must do lots more to support difference.

And this is just the start…

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